Develop great taste

Consume lots of great quality content Copy the best Surround by good people (this won't pay off for years but do it anyway) Learn to talk As a designer and a creative you are paid to enrich people's lives and solve their problems. On Product Hunt, you see the same to-do apps rebuilt again and again. Venture Capitalists get pitched the same couple of business ideas such as food delivery and social network for [niche]. Contribute to & collect as much as possible in your area. If you are a designer, consume design. Writer? Read - not just the authors you like but the authors you hate. If you are a developer, contribute to open source. In product? Try every product coming through Product Hunt. In the early stages of your career, recreate the best work of others to truly internalise the ideas. This is like a musician practicing their scales. Reading or understanding the classics of your genre as well as attending talks and watching videos to understand the state of the art are all beneficial. You take your understanding of the world, your taste and your skill. Many ideas are derivative. These don't insire people to work on them. Ironically it's easier to get a team to work on a big, hard idea than an easy but derivative one. Don't get distracted by the hustle culture mentality that if you work on any idea hard enough - if you outwork the next person - you will succeed. This is a lie. You need to work on the right idea.