Presenting Work By Email

Now you've added your tasks and got set up, it's time to share your work and get some feedback.

You can quickly share work via email to guests to team mates to request feedback.

Presenting your work by email

  1. Open up the tasks app.
  2. Select the task which contains the asset you want to get some feedback on. If you don't have any assets added to your workspace, find out how to add them here.
  3. Select "Share" top right of the task pop-up.
  4. Add reviewers and ask for feedback.

You can customise the email which gets sent to guests to have your branding so it is always consistent with your look and feel. Find out how to customise emails sent from Workflow here.

We recommend using the video walkthrough, this allows you to share your ideas with clarity and introduce your work in a more personal way than just through text. However, you can always add a text description if a video introduction isn't right for you.

When you're ready, click send request, this will email your work directly to the reviewer. They can then review the work in their work, and their response will appear in the task and you will get notified.