Make concerete

Take promising ideas and develop them into "pitches" Don't define every detail, but spend enough time to understand it and have got to grips with it. A written When you've discussed your ideas with your team or network, resist the temptation to believe you are all in alignment. Language is fuzzy and hides. Immediately, before your meeting is over or idea has run out of steam, draw up exactly how you picture the thing you are doing working. You'll realise you and the This will be uncomfortable - people will want to go away and have a think. But doing so is detrimental because it always leads to completely different visions being created, leading to a huge loss of momentum when you next come back together. Instead, iron out any difference of vision right away. Then when you go away and flesh out the idea. Don't go into detail, but you need to sketch out the big ideas. Putting them down physically makes them real. What if you go away, and actually have a better idea? Great - come back and present your new idea and show why it's better than the original idea. What you can't do is agree (verbally) on "version 1" and then go away and evolve it to version 3.