The Workflow Method

Hi, I'm Will, one of the team here at Workflow.

What helps teams move fast? In short, a clear process for sharing work amongst the team. This let you get feedback quickly without getting blocked or task switching.

Review work in minutes, and have high quality discussions about the work (in person or on video).

Workflow gives your creative team this great process - helping you move at speed. Push the work from all your creative tools into one shared space, and present and give feedback in seconds.

We hope this helps you do great work - and make an impact.


Workflow's core principles

Opinionated software

Choose tools designed for creative teams, not generic ones that serve every industry.

Generic tools aren't just ineffective, they invite hours customising them with minimal benefit.

Workflow gives you pre-defined process that works for many highly effective teams and will work well for you.

A standard workflow

A common mistake is letting every project have a different workflow. This complexity slows you down, because it creates confusion amongst the team as to how things work for other team members.

Workflow encourages a reliable, consistent process for every project. This keeps your team moving, because everyone is working from the same approach.

Keep tools with the work

There are too many single-purpose apps. There's chat, task management, creative software, screen recorders, and file storage. As the work and communication gets spread out across multiple channels, your team gets less efficient.

Your tools should live right beside the work. In the same place, you should be able to create a new task, discuss the task, add versions of the work to it, and review the work with video, chat or comments.

Centralise everyone's work

Collaboration is slowed when each person's work and feedback are soloed in separate apps. For example, design and design feedback living in say Figma, videos in Adobe Premiere, while copywriting lives in a Google Doc.

The friction of your videographer having to open and navigate the design software app stops your team easily viewing and discussing one another's work.

With Workflow, everyone pushes their work to the same collaboration space. This includes images, video, canvases, whiteboards, embedded Figma and Miro boards, and live websites. View anyone's work with one click, within Workflow.

Transparency first

The role of seniors, project owners, and account managers is to add value - not to be a go-between shuffling messages from one team to another. Where possible, let people directly communicate.