Moving Finished Work To Assets

The assets area functions similar to Google Drive, with a few added extras - you can easily store versions of files, and you can add links to urls

We have added an area to easily share and access any files you may need for your work. You can also store old tasks and assets here, and request guests share their own assets here at the start of a project.

Adding files to assets

  1. Open up the ssets app from the left-hand sidebar.
  2. Upload files or add links using the toolbar on the top right of the page. You can also create folders here so you can keep your work organized.

Moving finished tasks to assets

Finished with a task, but still want easy access to it? We've got you covered.

  1. Open up the tasks app and select the task you want to move to storage.
  2. When you hover over the task, a small toolbar will pop up. Simply select the storage icon to move this task to storage.

Requesting assets from guests

Need to get files from your guests? Send them a link to the assets app for the project they are in. Just click into the Assets app, go to the project they are a part of, and copy the url from the browser bar.

They can easily drag and drop their files into this shared space.

Congratulations! You're fully up and running and ready to use Workflow to the fullest.